Domain Privacy Protection

ochrona prywatności

Protect your privacy in the Whois

We offer a service to hide personal data for selected domains (TLD zones) from third parties so that the data is not visible in registers and applications. After registration of the domain – the owners name, address, email and phone number go to the Whois database, which is available to all Internet users. Including spammers, marketing companies and online scams. By using the domain privacy protection service, contact information is automatically changing with the data of the registrar and this is the only thing that others can see.

In, the data protection service for domain owners is automatically enabled for registrations and transfers of international domains. To check if we have protection for the selected TLD – please contact

Pros of Domain Privacy and Protection

Domain security

The domain is better protected against theft

No Spaming

E-mail and the phone number are hidden, which guarantees less spam

Data privacy

Domain owner information in Whois database will be changed to registrar data

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