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Drives up to 38x faster then HDD.
5.3 Ghz processor.
24/7 Support.

NVMe SSD Hosting - the fastest web hosting with transparent pricing

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Why Turbo NVMe hosting?

High read/write speeed

NVMe drives are connected via PCI Express 4.0. Compared to SSDs that are connected via SATA, NVMe drives provide at least 12 times faster sequential read speeds and 6 times faster data writes. What means faster website loading.

Faster database queries

NVMe SSD provides 4x faster processing of database queries compared to standard SSDs. A powerful database allows a web page to access data faster and run scripts that require write / read operations.

New generation processors

The processor with Intel ® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 allows you to process information several times faster, reducing the waiting time in a multi-threaded queue to a minimum. Applications and websites that have had a problem with accessibility with a sudden traffic increase  – will be well prepared for such situations.

Reliability and stability

NVMe SSD – is a drive that is not susceptible to vibration or shock, since there are no moving parts in the design. Also, such drives have a much larger range of operation temperature. In cases where the NVMe cache is full, the disk continues to read data compared to a standard disk that simply hangs and does not respond.

Free website migration to Hostovita

Every package include

  • POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols (including SSL)
  • Secure Webmail to work with emails in browser
  • Autoresponders, forwarders for email accounts
  • Antivirus scaner for incoming emails
  • Securing against SPAM
  • File manager in administrative panel
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Subdomains, websites and FTP accounts management
  • Access / Error logs (server logs), server statistics
  • .htaccess management, custom error pages
  • Cron tasks management
  • Custom error notifications (400, 500 etc)
  • Database server MariaDB 10
  • Database server PostgreSQL 9.2
  • Access with phpMyAdmin\phpPgAdmin
  • Remote connection to MySQL
  • Everyday backups
  • Antivirus scaner
  • Protection against bots
  • Securing folders with password
  • Web server - Nginx+Apache, Litespeed
  • PHP 4.4 - 8.0
  • Support of Perl 5, Python Selector 2.7.18 - 3.8.1
  • Support of Ruby Selector (only in cPanel), NodeJS Selector 9.11.2 - 10.22.0;
  • Technical support 24/7/365
  • SSL Certificates from Let’s Encrypt
  • Administrative panel DirectAdmin or cPanel

Packages specification

Hosting Turbo NVMe od Hostovita

Maximum speed – the page data is located on the RAID10, which is a virtualization technology that provides a higher speed of information transfer. Thanks to SSDs, hosting sites can secure loading web pages up to 5 times faster. Page loading time-up to 0.8 seconds.

Free website migration – Our specialists help you move sites to unlimited hosting for free. Setting up a new server for the correct operation of the site is also on our side without any surcharges.

Data backups – for us as a Polish host customer data is very important: therefore, every day after midnight, backups of hosting accounts and VPs are made. In case you need copies-you can restore the required data even independently through the client panel. The service for our customers is free.

If you are looking for the best hosting in Poland – this offer it’s just for you. We offer cheap and reliable shared hosting on SSDs, which is suitable for sites of varying complexity – from landings to sites with high load. Thanks to the use of SSD drives that can be 50 times faster than a regular HDD,
we provide stability and high loading speed of the website.

Through our site you can buy hosting with parameters that meet your requirements. We offer two hosting packages at affordable prices that do not have a limit on transfer and disk space for your websites. Through the cPanel administration panel, you can easily configure the server so that the page loading speed is at the highest level.

Each package includes free SSL for the domain connected to SSD hosting, HTTP/2 protocol, automatic installer of ready-made content management systems (CMS), CRM and ERP, backups for the last 7 days.

You can change the hosting package at any time in the billing panel. In case you run out of resources on shared hosting-you can switch to a super fast VPS server without any problems, our specialists will do the migration for free.

About HTTP/2

HTTP/2 was created to maximize the speed of downloading and displaying web pages for the user.

The main advantage of this protocol is the ability to use a single TCP connection between the browser and the server. This allows you to significantly reduce network and server resources, and eliminates the delays that occur when making new connections. Pages load much faster, which is especially evident on tablets and mobile phones.

A commercial SSL certificate is required for the HTTP/2 protocol, but for our SSD hosting clients, we have provided the ability to generate and install a free certificate from Lets Encrypt. Thanks to this, the pages on our high-speed servers will not be lowered in the Google rankings.

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