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The .singles domain is a top-level domain (TLD) that is focused on catering to individuals who are looking for a partner or single people who want to connect with other singles. This domain is perfect for online dating sites, matchmakers, and other services that help singles find relationships. It also provides a unique opportunity for businesses that cater to single people such as travel agencies, event planners, and social clubs. The .singles domain offers a targeted and memorable web address for individuals and businesses looking to connect with the rapidly growing population of singles worldwide.

When registering a domain, remember – the ideal domain name contains between 3 and 15 characters. It is important that the name is easily remembered and includes keywords of the activity being offered. At the same time, it is better to avoid dashes and double letters.

You can register a .singles domain for 1-9 years. At the moment, the registration price is 165.00 PLN, transfer – 165.00 PLN. For the next year, the domain can be renewed for 165.00 PLN

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Advices for choosing a Domain

Step 1

Market research

When registering a domain for a company, you should first of all pay attention to what name the competition already uses. It is better not to register names that are similar to existing ones. Careless customers may make a mistake and place an order on a similar domain name.

Step 2

Make sure the domain name is easy to read

It is better to register a domain name that is easy to remember and write without errors. Do not use double words, numbers, dashes, or other special characters in the title. The easier the site address, the more likely the potential customer will find the site.

Step 3

Check the domain history

A domain name that has already been registered can bring both benefits and problems. A domain that has previously been sanctioned by search engines can harm its positioning.

Step 4

Domain registration in different zones, TLDs

It is also important to remember that the idea of one domain can be copied by another. Some may register the same name in another zone (TLD), thus capturing clients. By buying domains in other zones and redirecting traffic from these domains to the root domain, you increase your company’s online presence.

Buy and register the domain .singles

.pl, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .name, .info gTLD domains are registered within 10-30 minutes (in some cases - within 24 hours).

The Domain Name Service (DNS) allows computers on the Internet to identify the IP address of the server on which the domain resides to access the content of the page.

If the domain is not renewed in time, its status will change to Redemption period (after the billing period), which is the period of recovery of the domain after it is deleted. The cost of restoring a domain from Redemptionperiod is determined by the administrator of each domain zone individually. At the end of the Redemption period domain becomes available for registration publicly.

Domain registration is the first step toward creating a website. A domain must have a hosting or server so that potential customers can see it. Reliable and fast hosting will be the second step in attracting customers. Among the Hostovita hosting packages, you can find exactly what will fit the needs of the site. Support specialists will help you customize the package and set up your 24/7 site.

Without subscriber data, the registrar will not register the domain and the domain will be available to other users. For international domains, it is mandatory to provide a postal code in addition to the address. If such a postcode does not exist or does not match the address provided, the registrar will refuse to register. After registering the domain, you must confirm the contact details provided! In order to verify the data, an e-mail is sent to the email provided as contact. In the message there will be a link to verify the information, in which you just click and the information will be verified. If the domain owner does not verify the data within 15 days, the domain will be blocked by the registrar.

After paying the invoice for domain, create a ticket with the subject "I want a gift for a new domain". In the ticket, please provide the admin panel of hosting. This offer is valid for 1 month Turbo NVMe 1 only. At the end of this time, a new invoice for the next month will be generated according to the price list.

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